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When is plagiarism not necessarily plagiarism?

Being a graphic design student the topic of plagiarism comes up a lot. But when is there a case when plagarism is acceptable? Or is it just called mimicking?
Take this article for example. These two guys were trying to get a job so they completely copied the layout/style/EVERYTHING of archive magazine, slipping in their portfolio images, to grab the attention of employers. I guess my question is, how is this showing your talents?
I think it surprised me a bit to find out that they did get a job from this, because essentially they just copied an entire layout/idea. to counter that, I respect the fact that they made an application that was eye catching, and I suppose even if they did copy the layout and everything, it is still technically their work.
Plagarism has a very fine line. And sometimes people fall on that line without even noticing. I think that this is something that needs to be more exact. Theres this whole grey area where people could be plagiarizing something without even knowing.
This is definitely a topic that should be explored more

Jessica Walsh

With Design Thinkers right around the corner, I thought I would look into some of the speakers.
While going through, Jessica Walsh stood out to me the most. Her typography work is killer, and her personal projects bring out emotions that designers forget about. Not to mentioned she is Stefan Sagmeister’s business partner, and doing this all at the age of 28!

Below is a video all about Jessica. Check it out. She’s pretty inspiring.


And here is one of my favourite projects from her. Its called 40 Days of Dating. This has been the most inspiring work I have seen from a graphic designer. I’ve always thought of how could I create an emotional impact on people through my design. How can I get them to resonate with my design and have them think about it for days.


And if that wasn’t enough here is Jessica critiquing some work done for a design award show. She knows what’s up.


Just a cool video of some do it yourself design work. Check it out!

Staying Motivated

This is something I struggle with a lot. Being able to keep that confidence you had on day one throughout a project. But also throughout everyday life. Staying motivated is hard and a lot of people don’t know how to stay on track and get their stuff done.

Daily reminders are the first step. Making a calendar and going through your priorities is important to staying motivated. If you know you’re on track you’ll be more motivated to continue.

Sorting out your priorities. Many people go off track and forget what is next. Or they know what’s next on the list but they just avoid it. Procrastinating doesn’t help anyone, and when you procrastinate only you are going to be there for yourself to get back up. No one is going to help you, especially if you slack.

A great way to stay motivated is to realize what you love, and do what you love. If you are in school for something simply because your parents told you to, or you like the social atmosphere, or you don’t want to be left out, then you are there for the wrong reasons. Especially since you are paying thousands on dollars on this. Why would you continue your education and waste thousands of dollars on something you aren’t enjoying?

The bottom line is, focus on what you love, do what you love, and you’ll be motivated to continue what you love.

Alex Frutka

Alex is from Moscow, Russia and his design work is truly something to look at. His original typefaces are getting major recognition across the world. He has worked for major companies like Google,Interview Magazine, and Illuminarium.

To accompany these typefaces he even made short videos to go along with it to help convey the feel of the typeface. I think these videos are my favourite part, because it shows thats he’s not only a type designer but also a rally friggin good illustrator. The textures, shapes, and colours all tie back in together to convey something as easy misinterpreted as a typeface.

Check out his work! Below are some of my faovurites.


Sometimes you need a break.

Design can be overwhelming, and sometimes you just need a day to clear your mind. Yesterday my friends and I went apple picking. It was a typical fall day. Cold on the fingers, and crunchy under the feet. We all decided we needed that time to open our minds again and get away from the computers.

Many designers forget to take a step back and explore the world. Half the time you miss a great idea that passes right by you because you were distracted with trying to get er’ done.

This is a reminder to rekindle your mind. Go out there and do something you’ve been meaning to do for a long time. See the world in a new way. Explore. Venture. Reimagine.

By doing this, it allows you to take a step back and remember that theres more to life than a desktop and sometimes you just need that extra push to leap into success.

FOOD - www.aniawawrzkowicz.com

Ania Wawrzkowicz is a well-rounded photographer. Her ability to create an emotion through her photos inspires me to start to do that with my own. Through many of her photos you can see an extreme amount of one emotion.
My favourite work is probably to do with her food photography. The way she moves and twists the food is mesmerizing. Whether its food dancing around in mid air, or her dark images of meals being eaten with unconventional utensils.

Here are some of my favourites:

Kyle Thompson

Now here is someone who is making a huge impact through photography. Kyle Thompson is a young, up and coming photographer who’s skills and creative imagination could expand for miles. His ability to tell compelling stories through his images has amazed me. After first finding his Tumblr about 6 months ago I was completely drawn to the mood he creates through each and every photo.
Check him out through the link above. You’ll love it! He is also selling his first published book which features some of his most praised work.

Here’s some of my favourites:

http://youtu.be/4BL_aenBapM (Here’s a video to go along with this photo)

YY Design (EyeStudio)

Check out this agency on Behance. Their style has become extremely inspirational for myself through their intricate line work and out of the box ideas.
This is where designers push limits and people start to create truly amazing things. Be sure to check out their portfolio, and click that appreciate button.

Bit of inspiration: I was recently told by a fellow designer in the field how to look for inspiration when creating something. He told me that if you were to make a poster for a new bike, don’t just type in ‘poster’ on Pinterest or Google images and see what comes up, but find the feeling you want people to have when looking at the poster. Go ride a bike and write how it made you feel, what you saw, heard. ANYTHING!! Don’t resort to the internet, Human connection is the best way to market anything, so find that connection and create it!


RGD - DesignThinkers

Design Thinkers is fast approaching and this is the last week to get early bird rates for the event!
Tons of big name designers working in the industry are going to be there as well as myself!
Be sure to grab your ticket ASAP!!! Hope to see you all there :)